Sunday, May 16, 2010


There I was in uniform
Looking at the art teacher
I was just a girl then...
Never have I loved since then.
He was not that much older than I was
He had
Taken our class to the Metropolitan Museum.
He asked us
What our favourite work of art was
Never could I tell him
It was him.
Though I wish I could tell him...
Oh, I wish I could've told him.
I looked at
The Reubens, and Rembrandts
I liked
The John Singer Sargeants.
He told me
He liked Turner.
And never have I
Turned since then
No, never have I turned to
Any other man.
All this having been said
I married an executive company head.
All this having been done
A Turner,
I own one.
And here I am
In this uniform-ish pantsuit sorta thing

Thinking of the art teacher...
I was just a girl then
And never have I
Loved since then
No, never have I loved
Any other man

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